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The Environmental Issue

Thick-set, well-regarded photography publication Foam presents multiple portfolios of work from across the world. Printed on different papers alongside interviews and opinions from art-shaped expert people, each edition of the magazine explores a different theme. This is Extremes – The Environmental Issue which 'looks at the complexities of today’s human-nature relationship through two different lenses.'

Format-wise, this edition is split in two meaning the reader must flip the publication around at the halfway point. Inside, 'one half focuses on abundance and the other half, featured on the flip side of the magazine, on scarcity.' Topics covered range from industrialisation, overpopulation, consumerism v scarcity, inequality, and destruction.

On the dual covers (each copy features both, it's a back and front situation): Abundance: Four to five, fortify, for — to fly, 2023. Image from the series A Raiz Quadrada de Sete © Ventura Profana. Scarcity: Shafiq in the Narayani, 2014. Image from the series Change of Course © Prasiit Sthapit.ontext.