Lampoon No.27 Ruvido

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As part of Lampoon / The RUVIDO Issue, Winter Vanderbrink plays with power dynamics between models, causing the situation to spiral out of control; Richie Talboy captures moments of a story tangled with shadows and eerie suggestions; Alex Huanfa Cheng chases the many hairs of his models through the streets of Paris; bodies arms and legs tangle to the rhythm of a dance in the work of Isabelle Wenzel; Damp atmospheres bathe Jacqueline Landvik's eroticism; the bodies chosen by Spyros Rennt reflect the dualism, the antagonism of forces that animate the human being, Daniel King, with Hari Nef, explores the world through the subconscious; Tereza Mundilova gives us an image of an uncanny modernity, immersed in a metaverse where there is no possibility of dialogue between people; Tess McMillan and Olivia Malone exhibit the rawness of the female body by dissecting its many symbolic meanings; while Florian Hetz hints at explicit sexual provocations, Tom Kneller's work focuses on the male body as a treasure chest of mystery and silence.

Gary Card and Thomas Hirschhorn bring their attention back to the face of art, irreverently provocative and engaged in scathing social criticism; Julie Pelipas's work focuses on issues of our contemporary times such as the ongoing war in Europe and an economic recession that caused her to reconsider the strategy of her project; Paul Mpagi Sepuya with a distant gaze from the perspective of white men; Gaspar Noé and Benoît Debie retrace the stages of their artistic work, reasoning about the hypnotic fascination of the extreme; The focus of the conversation with Charles Ray is pathos and the transcendence of classicism, while with Vanessa Beecroft we dwell on the echoes of classicism; Pierre Rainero and Marie-Laure Cérède from the Cartier team address the new frontier of high jewelry, where nothing is gendered anymore, for the sake of good design.