Milk Decoration (English) Issue 36

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Milk Deco is an annually published addendum of Milk, an entire issue dedicated to items and contemporary decor for the home. This publication features offbeat, French style home interiors for the contemporary family, from children’s decor to living rooms. 

In this issue meet people who weren't afraid to dream big, follow their instincts and celebrate their originality. Topping the bill is writer and curator Su Wu, whose Mexican project owes its existence to her decision to go off the beaten track and do something unconventional. Su Wu's Casa Ahorita is a hybrid space, a gallery and design store that advocates on-trend minimalist styles, whilst managing to create a coherent and unique ensemble. Mexico is a captivating country, both because of its arts and crafts and exciting food scene. 

This effervescence is undoubtably guided by a spirit of daring, a freedom of expression that has given life to several long dreamt of projects, including Flamingo Estate in Los Angeles and Jessica Menda's desert hacienda. It is this audacity that informs our latest issue. 

From the north to the south of Italy, it was also dreams that called out to personalities such as the duo from Festern, who went to Portofino to reinvent an iconic hotel, the owners of the Parco Dei Sesi guest house and fashion designer Vanessa Bruno, each of whom embodies a destination in their own unique way.