An Artists Vision x Climate Emergency Issue

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An Artist’s Vision is an interactive magazine that celebrates the intersection of the ARTS & POLITICS. Publishing print issues biannually, we use every issue to explore a new topic — the first being the climate emergency.

We began our journey as a personal research project — we wanted to understand how and why art is vital in a political, societal context, as well as to experiment with the innovation of print magazines.

The amazing artists that I began to work with to form Issue 1: AAV x Climate Emergency, all prove this. They want to shape society and create a better world for all of us to live in. Whether this is through creating the world’s first vegan, sustainable tattoo-studio, or through documenting a new and threatening climate change phenomenon, red rain, via photography, these artists prove again and again their ability to impact their audiences in creating movements informed by their findings, or by providing a better, more conscious alternative to a service or product.

What also surfaced in this search, was the feeling that these artists were lacking platforms that could adequately express their ideas of using art as a vehicle for political change. An Artist’s Vision therefore aims to innovate the print industry in order to allow audiences to better engage with the art.

An Artist’s Vision’s take on innovating the industry has been to include interactivity. This means that the physical print of the first issue, for example, includes pages that can be eaten, smelled, heard, felt or scanned. By engaging the audience and stimulating the senses of the reader, the mission is to allow for a truer, more captivating connection between the artist’s purpose and the viewer, allowing the art to live, breathe and have a larger impact. 

The magazine has also looked to the online world for mediums that challenge how art is understood, as the online-world of course provides a space that is much more shareable and thereby able to impact far more people. Currently, a virtual reality museum filled with the art seen in issue 1, as well as the art soon to be published with the launch of issue 2, is being built in order to allow audiences from all over the world to “walk-through” a gallery filled with solution-based, politics-inspired art, explained through audio recorded by the artists and other immersive technology.