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Following him passionately for over two decades, from the dawn of Thirty Seconds to Mars to his first blockbusters, Jared Leto has always been for me a source of infinite creative stimuli which were just waiting to be realized.
Rock-climber, socially conscious and philanthropic, this musician and actor of planetary success reveals himself as a constant artistic and spiritual guide that never fades. I was thinking about this and the sense of immutability he embodies: distinguishing him from the Jared of twenty years ago is almost impossible.
Digging deeper, I discovered that he is a great investor and passionate about new technologies. A world, the virtual one, in which space and time expand ever more inextricably, brings us face to face with our fear of transience. While the passage of time is a friend of progress, it is not a friend of our physical selves.
As the world rejuvenates, both in speed and functionality, we inexorably age, and so the concept of eternity -personified by Jared’s relic-head - becomes the focus of social discourse. At that point of the creative process, I learned that a Chinese writer had chosen to be cryogenically frozen, but just her head, since that is the only part of the body essential for immortality.
Jared, or rather his ever-changing head, is a story of eternity. The American artist is an inexhaustible source of love and life and it is precisely his extremism that makes him immortal. Through his passion for science and soul care, he reflects the contemporary need for permanence. Jared’s legacy is the cryogenesis of a sensitive mind, free from the constrains of the body and capable of spreading energy forever.