Being ULTRA was never enough!

People may be familiar with the 'Ultra Violence' stance of 'A Clockwork Orange' but few could be prepared for the artist and actress, Ultra Violet (Isabelle Collin Dufresne)- one of Warhol's Factory Stars - a great beauty with leading lady looks who starred in his gritty films. Apparently, as she was a favourite for a while, she was disliked by the other Superstars but lived to tell her tale in the book about her life which I interviewed her about. And well into a respectable old age still dyed her hair violet, painted in violet and once when complaining to Warhol that she had run out of lipstick, he told her to use beetroot instead! She also recalls Warhol spray painting her Chanel court shoes 'by accident'...An instant museum piece? Possibly....

By Robin Dutt.

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