ODDA 24 Spring/Summer 2023

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The new issue, ODDA 24 Spring/Summer 2023, is a representation of this “new thing,” but encourages you to keep yourself grounded and discovering, but with a pause that allows you to educate yourself, judge with facts, observe, and then decide. Fashion is somehow a “mystery” for many. Last night, I had a lovely dinner with some of my colleagues in the industry. Of course, we spoke about how much is unknown about the fashion industry and the work behind what we all do in our different fields. I might say, one of the most unknown careers in the industry is within public relations.

PR agencies are not just a key pillar in fashion, but the soul connecting all the dots — they are, for me, superheroes. From the designer to press to media to the CEO, to planning the shows, the strategies, consulting to the brands, they do it all. For many of us, they also become friends, family and confidants while traveling from a show in Cairo to an art fair in London, to a shoot in Los Angeles helping you, or at least, giving you moral support, haha! For this reason and for many others, in the new issue, we dedicate a special feature to some of them who have founded their own agencies or are working in one of them, leading change, future, and supporting the new talents and new generations, such as Lucien Pages, who I consider my family, Klara Bredlow, who has been there since I founded ODDA, or Valerio Innella, who founded Beside Communications almost around the time I decided to embark myself in what my life looks like today.