Véhicule Second Edition

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A journal on avant-garde transportation. 

Véhicule is produced independently and ad-free without external influence. Its contents are the products of intensive, direct scrutiny making for a concisely tailored catalog of avant-garde transportation. It isn't intended for everyone.

At the center of the second edition of Véhicule is a deep dive into the underworld of offshore powerboating. Our investigation of the world's most dangerous sport starts in the 1970s with Ben Kramer, a South Florida kid with a penchant for living fast. In Miami, thrillseekers quickly found the tightly interwoven worlds of boats and drugs.

This is the story of Kramer's life and times—his racing and smuggling careers, business dealings, associates, ultimate downfall and how the American justice system twisted the murder of boating star Don Aronow against him.